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Welcome to Path to My Soul, where healing and empowerment unite on your journey to the embodiment of your authentic Self. Together, with the Divine Feminine Consciousness we ignite your sacred power and embrace the fullness of your sensual essence.


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Path To My Soul

It has been proven that any emotion that surfaces for us holds a personal truth and presents us with the opportunity to pay attention to its message. The feeling of the emotion keeps coming back until it is acknowledged. For me, emotions are like our own personal GPS guidance system. It brings us the truth about ourselves, where we are in relationship to ourselves: the authority, our self-worth, our voice, our body, our power, our sensuality, our sexuality, divinity and life itself. 

I call this process a path, because it is a path…of reclaiming our true sense of Self, which one might call the Soul. In this process of becoming, we naturally start turning self-validation inward and that allows us to live more authentically according to our own feelings, needs, beliefs and values. The courage to follow our true intuition and willingness to act on it eventually becomes another natural step on our journey of living in our personal freedom, which creates a positive impact not only in our own life but also lives of others, and ultimately, it leaves this planet a better place than when we came. 

“We are only able to heal what we are willing to feel”.

I have learned through my own process,and also by working with my clients, that most of us hold similar wounds. Fundamentally, many of us are afraid of shining our light and instead hold ourselves back, in order to feel safe. We are afraid of reclaiming who we really are and expressing our voices and our inner truth. It is difficult, mostly because of our programming which has been passed down to us, but also because of our belief systems and the traumatic events we have encountered on our own journey. 

With these wounds of not feeling good enough, worthy or adequate, we seek validation from outside ourselves, leaving it up to others to tell us what we are supposed to do, who we are supposed to be, or what we are supposed to see in order to be validated, included or loved by them. We lose our sense of Self in them, which leaves us feeling powerless. 

This path is an invitation to enter the right side of the brain, where the door opens a portal of true connection and healing.

It is also an invitation to feel deeply and meet our fragmented self that is disowned by our shame, anger, grief, sadness, isolation and loneliness, so we can integrate them as part of ourselves and receive the treasures and hidden truths about who we truly are in our wholeness.

This work teaches us how to transform our suppressed emotions in the alchemical process of “turning the lead into the gold.”

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My passion is to work with clients in private intimate setting with precise guidance, intuition and presence. Therefore I offer a variety of One-on-One private healing sessions or packages for you to choose from which best soothe your needs for guidance, support and accompaniment on your personal journey of reclaiming your new-felt sense of Self.

All of my offerings are grounded in my deep passion for relational interpersonal neurobiology and neuroscience, yoga science and the biomechanics of the body and principles of alignment, tantric philosophy, music, intuitive movement, art and connection to nature, spirituality and higher consciousness.

Sessions are offered remotely or in person.


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